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    Easy to use with MS-Office. Outlook, Word, Excel
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    A bridge between the user and SharePoint
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  • You can Easily set up workflows within Docubird
    Advanced workflow design and execution
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What is Docubird?

Docubird is a workflow and document management system, facilitating the storing, processing and routing of documents.

Microsoft Office Add-in

Docubird is easy to use within MS-Office. Outlook, Word, Excel and Powerpoint. Simply save your documents, find them quickly and you can immediately complete tasks that are ready. Efficient, fast and easy to use.

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Docubird Features

  • Seamless integration with Microsoft Office and SharePoint / Office365
  • Digitize documents and save directly to Sharepoint / Office365
  • Advanced workflow graphic design and execution

Increased Productivity

  • Docubird is the bridge between the user and SharePoint
  • Scan documents directly to SharePoint
  • Full Microsoft Office integration
  • Add and search for metadata


Using Docubird, you can easily set up workflows and decide which route your documents take, based on function, skills, availability, workload and / or location of employees. That way, you not only increase productivity, but you also save money. In addition, fewer mistakes are made because there is never more information than needed.

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Document Management

Docubird adds extra information to documents, when you store documents on Sharepoint directly from within Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint or Word. Users are presented with simplified lists, applicable to the specific document archive. Easily group, store and retrieve your documents .


Do you still have a lot of paper documents in your organization ? Docubird scans these documents directly and easily to SharePoint. This way you can keep all important documents together and you can easily share them with no risk of losing documents. Simple, seamless and secure document capturing.

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